Heinrich Schliemann

Heinrich Schliemann
Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890)
Sophie Schliemann
Sophie Schliemann (1852-1932)
Heinrich Schliemann was born on January 6th, 1822 as son of a Protestant minister in Neubukow / Mecklenburg (Germany). He described his life in the autobiography »Heinrich Schliemann's Selbstbiographie« (Autobiography of Heinrich Schliemann). On December 26th, 1890 he died after an ear surgery in Naples.
In 1870 he married the 18 year old Greek girl Sophia Engastromenos. On the photo above she wears the famous gold jewelry from the so-called »Treasure of Priam«, which Heinrich Schliemann had discovered in Troy.
The couple had two children, Andromache (1871-1962) and Agamemnon (1878-1954).

The temple of Athena in Troy, excavated by Heinrich Schliemann Excavation of the Athena temple in Troy.
This drawing had been made by Heinrich Schliemann himself
Already as little boy Heinrich Schliemann was obsessed by the idea that Homer had given an account of true history in his great epic poems - the Iliad and the Odyssey, and that Troy had really existed. He did all to find this famous place. And he achieved one of the greatest sensations of archaeology: The discovery of Troy and Mycenae.
Read an excerpt (in German language) from his autobiography, how as child he made up his mind to discover Troy.
Mask of Agamemnon
The so-called »Mask of Agamemnon«
Mycenae and Tiryns
But not only the discovery of Troy we owe to his good archaeological nose and his indefatigable efforts, but he also explored Mycenae and Tiryns and made tremendous finds there.
At all his undertakings he was supported by his wife Sophie, a Greek by birth.

Heinrich Schliemann has been and is still reproached by archaeologists that he had destroyed many things of great value during his tremendous excavations. But just his boundless inquiring mind was the cause for these great discoveries! Only because of his complete dedication for this goal and by spending a lot of his own money he could achieve such great archaeological sensations. Also the backward time and the underdeveloped methods of archaeological research must be taken into consideration. So it is very unfair to reproach Heinrich Schliemann with many failings because at projects of those dimensions - he employed up to 200 workers at the same time - mistakes are inevitable.
Although he had not studied archaeology, he achieved the greatest discovery in the history of archaeology, and because of this we have to pay tribute to him!

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Heinrich Schliemann's Selbstbiographie (The Autobiography of Heinrich Schliemann)
ISBN: 978-3-902096-41-8; Paperback, 116 pages, 24 black-and-white pictures
Price: EUR 9.90

Heinrich Schliemann is very famous for the discovery of Troy, Mycenae and Tiryns. He is a celebrated but also controversial personality of the 19th century. In particular he has been attacked for his digging methods; on the part of archaeology he is accused of having destroyed much more than preserved. Actually, it is a matter of fact that these sensational archaeological discoveries are due to his unshakable belief in the words of Homer, to his readiness to assume a risk and above all to his strong will. The autobiography had been completed after his death by his Greek wife Sophie.

In this book many pictures have been added to the original text. On the one hand there are drawings which had been made by Schliemann himself, on the other there are pictures of some outstanding finds from Troy, Mycenae and Tiryns.
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At present, this book is only available in German.

Gerhard Pöllauer: The Lost History of the Amazons
Recent research findings on the legendary women nation
ISBN: 978-1-4461-9305-1; Paperback, 148 pages, 87 black-and-white pictures, 3 illustrations
Price: $17.48

This book focuses on the numerous traces of the Amazons. It reports on latest findings and investigation in the legendary homeland of the Amazons at the river Thermodon and on the Amazon island Lemnos.
Fresh evidence indicates that the Amazons really existed! According to these new discoveries the lost history of the Amazons can be reconstructed.

Gerhard Pöllauer, Geheimnisvolles Lemnos. Die von Frauen beherrschte Insel
(Mysterious Lemnos. Island dominated by women)
ISBN: 978-3-902096-77-7; Paperback, 128 pages, 97 black-and-white pictures, 3 color photos, 1 map
Price: EUR 13.00

The rather unknown North Aegean island Lemnos amazes with its great prehistoric past. About 5000 years ago there existed a highly-developed civilization which created imposing cities, mighty rock buildings and impressive sanctuaries on this Greek island. The discovery of Poliochni was sensational. Because of its largeness and refinement this Bronze Age settlement is regarded as the most ancient city of Europe. Also the discoveries at Myrina in the west and Hephaistia in the north witness the island's prehistoric importance. Presumably there was a further city in the Northeast - Chryse, which was sunken under the sea.
Moreover, the findings make evident that in this ancient civilization there was gender equality, it even seems that the women had the predominating gender role. Not without reason in antiquity Lemnos was described with the words »island dominated by women«.
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At present, this book is only available in German.

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