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Amazons by themselves
Attic red-figured cup - now in the Museo Nazionale in Naples, Italy.
This picture on the interior of a cup shows two Amazons by themselves. The right one is an archer, she wears a sleeved and trousered combination and an oriental cap. She is armed with a bow and a battle-axe. The left Amazon is dressed like a Greek hoplite (= foot-soldier). She is armed with a spear, her shield leans behind her.
This picture depicts two self-confident warrior women.

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Amazon The Land of the Amazons - a photo-tour along the Thermodon
Get an imagination of the legendary homeland of the Amazons.

Here you get a detailed overview of the landscapes where the Thermodon Amazons, the Lemnian Amazons and the Libyan Amazons are located.
praying Amazone Interesting older research work

>>> Religion and cults of the Amazons
Nearly 100 years ago - in 1912 - Florence Mary Bennett published the book: RELIGIOUS CULTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE AMAZONS. Her well-founded research work provides a complete overview of all aspects which show Amazons in connection with religion and cult in ancient tradition. The results are amazingly identical with ours. In fact, the Amazons can only be explained in connection with matriarchal civilization. In her conclusions she states: "We may believe then that the tradition of the Amazons preserves memories of a time when women held the important place in state and religion in Aegean lands, and that they reflect the goddess of this civilisation." The "Great Mother" was the central goddess of the Amazons - an almighty goddess. She was worshipped at sacred stones.
=> The book in PDF format (515 KB)


>>> »The Amazons« by Guy Cadogan Rothery
Amazingly, also in 1912 Guy Cadogan Rothery published »THE AMAZONS«.
This book impresses with its wealth of information about Amazons. Not only the well-known ancient Amazons are described in detail, moreover there are a lot of accounts on Amazons or Amazon-like civilizations in Europe, Asia and America. Also his conclusions are clear and convincing, so I wonder at the rather little after-effect of his book.
After reading the book you become aware how numerous and multifaceted the accounts and stories about Amazons are. It becomes very clear that in many cases the ancient Amazon myth can never have been the archetype, that means the legends must have developed independently on different continents.
=> The book in PDF format (8 MB)


>>> »La Mère chez certains peuples de l'Antiquité« by Alexis Giraud-Teulon
wounded Amazone
Amazon Ancient original texts on Amazons
How did the ancient Greeks see the Amazons?
There is a lot of literature concerning the Amazons and most of the writers had no doubt that they had really existed.
Read the most significant original texts in English!

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Updated: July 12, 2024
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AMAZA Now available in English - Gerhard Pöllauer: The Lost History of the Amazons.