Giresun Adasi Project

Photo research and documentation

Giresun Adasi

This legendary small Black Sea island near the port Giresun was regarded as the sacred island of the Amazons. Its name was «Aretias», Island of Ares. Up till now there was not much research work there. That is why we launch this new project. We want to initiate and support research work there for showing the special significance of this island for our history.

We invite adventurous people who are interested in archaeology to take part in this new research project.

We are addressing local people who are living in the Giresun region, as well as adventurous people from farer away who are going to visit this island. Make own investigations there, take photos and send them to us. It would be a great assistance to us. These photos will be published on our web-site (with the name or pseudonym of the owner or anonymously if wished).

The Black Sea island Giresun Adasi is located north of the port Giresun, about 1 km away from the mainland. The island is situated rather exactly opposite the month of the river Aksu Çayi.

Exact position: 40° 55′ 43.1″ N, 38° 26′ 12.7″ E

We are looking forward to your photos!