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Statue of an Amazon

Rather, ten times, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore.
(Florence Nightingale)

T here are a lot of unsolved mysteries of history which because of some unbelievable traits are considered as pure invention for most people of today.
Commonly, those »untrustworthy« stories are neglected by academic scientists. If Heinrich Schliemann and Arthur Evans had thought the same way, Troy would never have been discovered and Knossos would not have been unearthed.

T he myth about the Amazons takes an exceptional position in this respect. Stories about women who were able to exist without men, and furthermore could resist men in wars and even more could defeat them, something like that could - in today's academic opinion - never be true.
So this story was put in the realm of fantasy, though most of the ancient writers did not show any doubts that they considered it as true history.
As our modern imagination is unable to fancy that once a people of warlike women had existed, modern historians either neglect the very numerous ancient tradition about Amazons or lay particular stress on those aspects which are completely unrealistic.

Purpose of this site is to form a platform where research results about the Amazons are presented and everyone can comment or propose suggestions and ideas to this subject. In this way it will be possible to focus a huge spectrum of knowledge, ideas and suggestions.

Aim of this site is to advance a thorough and complete investigation of all traces concerning Amazons to gather undisputable proofs of the former existence of Amazons. To promote this task effectively there has been founded the Amazon Research Network.

Actual Project:
A thorough investigation of Karpu Kale - the Amazon fortress at the upper reach of the Thermodon river - is our this year's research focus.

 Karpu Kale Competition 2016 
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Relevance and prospects:
Is there any relevance to know that Amazons really existed apart from its historical dimension?
Actually, it demonstrates that there are quite different ways of life which are completely contrary to today. The Amazons - like all matriarchal peoples - lived in an egalitarian society without social differences. Authority was founded on natural trust and mutual understanding, not only on law and order.
Doesn't this look back into the past show us a promising perspective for our future?


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Gerhard Pöllauer: The Lost History of the Amazons.