The Amazons from Libya

T hough most of the ancient Greek writers report on the Amazons that they once had lived at the river Thermodon in Northern Turkey, beside it there is a tradition that Amazons once had existed in Libya in Northern Africa.
However the Libyan Amazons should have lived long before the Amazons from Thermodon!

Negroid Amazon There exists a picture on a Greek vase which obviously shows a negroid Amazon kneeling in front of an altar. Behind the altar you can see a palm-tree, so it is quite clear that the Greek artist depicted an African Amazon, apparently an Amazon from Libya.
Is there archaeological evidence for Amazons in Libya?
Libyan Amazon In the Southwest of Libya in the mountain area of Fezzan there were discovered very interesting and partly curious rock engravings. The engravings must be very old. Today this area is a stone desert where human life is impossible. This picture must have been made when living there was possible, long time ago. Desertification started in this region about 4000 years ago.

One of this engravings shows a female person. She wears a pointed cap. Amazons on Greek representations wear very similar caps. Furthermore this figure is armed with a bow - a popular weapon of the Greek Amazons.
The conformity with the Greek Amazons is extremely striking. If it would not be certain that this picture was found about 1000 kilometers south of the Mediterranean coast in the heart of the African continent, you would suppose that these pictures belong together.

Is there in fact something true about the story that once upon a time there had lived Amazons in Africa, long before the Amazons at the Thermodon became famous?

The BERBERS - Descendants of the Libyan Amazons?

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