Ancient African people with woman-focused culture

Very ancient rock engraving of a female(?) archer from Wadi In Habeter in southwestern Libya.

Tuareg archer The Tuaregs
The strongest impression of genuine Berber culture conveys the people of Tuareg. This people lives in the Sahara desert and because of its seclusion could preserve its uniqueness. Only in the beginning of the 20th century the French succeeded in subduing this proud people!

gold bracelet of Tin Hinan Tin Hinan - African Amazon Queen
The ancestress of the Tuaregs was a woman, who possessed many characteristics of an Amazon queen. Her name was Tin Hinan.


Ideas concerning similarities between Berber tradition and the ancient tradition of the Libyan Amazons

Even today there are amazing parallels between the Berbers and the tradition of the Amazons. So there are fascinating Berber fortresses which have a strong resemblance to the picture of the Themiskyra fortress on a Greek vase. The conformity of tower battlements on both representations is very remarkable!

Berber fortress
Berber fortress from Morocco

But even in social life of the Berbers there persisted elements of their unique culture. For the most part only the Berber women are literate and exclusively they know to write a special alphabet, the Tifinagh, which is founded upon the ancient Libyan writing.
So it is not very amazing that literature and poetry are handed down by the Berber women!

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The Berbers
This comprehensive overview shows these disparate peoples in their immediate social environments and how they retained a separate identity among more dominant cultures.

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