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M alta was a bulwark of matriarchal life in prehistory. There was an era of peace and prosperity. There existed equality between men and women, and the predominance of women was not due to the suppression of the male sex, but the men trusted in the authority of the women from birth and regarded it as natural. Because of this ideal conditions there could develop a refined culture, where people did not waste their energy for aggressions, but for the realization of those impressive monuments to honor their gods and to thank them for their well-being.

T here was the Golden Age, which ancient writers like Ovid still dimly remembered.
In course of the third millennium B.C. the invasion of aggressive patriarchal tribes put an end to this age. Little by little matriarchal civilization had been destroyed, and that way of life was replaced by patriarchal culture. Men completely dominated society, women were oppressed and lost their rights.
Only in the very secluded region at the Thermodon river a tiny matriarchal culture - the Amazon people - could preserve its way of life for a longer time. In reaction to the more and more threatening patriarchal tribes they chose the extreme way of life as Amazons. They formed a community only of women, and became famous warrior women to resist the aggressive patriarchal tribes, and so they could preserve their unique culture! In fact, their chosen way of life was such successful, that even in classical antiquity there was reported on them full of admiration and numerous representations of them have been created. Even today the term Amazon is well-known to almost everyone!

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