The Amazons of Lemnos

Statue of Maroula
- last »Amazon« of Lemnos -
The memorial of the successful defender of Kotsinas castle against the Turks in the Middle Ages.

Rock picture in Myrina
- prehistoric »Amazon« of Lemnos -
Rock engraving depicting a woman who wears a headdress made of animal skin, and holds a bow.


In the ancient realm of myth there is the account that in prehistoric times the island Lemnos (Limnos) was only inhabited by women. This island was called gynaikokratumene, which means reigned by women. In the Greek myth about the Argonauts a group of men comes to this island on their way to the land of Colchis (in the East of the Black Sea). According to this account this island was only inhabited by women; a queen named Hypsipyle ruled over this women's state. It is interesting that the women of Lemnos received the Greeks kindly. Apparently, these women of Lemnos lived as self-confident Amazons on this island.
Quite obviously, this myth reflects former matriarchal life on Lemnos.

The mighty castle hill of Myrina on Lemnos with its numerous Prehistoric ruins

Prehistoric rock-cut buildings

Prehistoric Cyclopean wall

The Prehistoric rock sanctuary of Richa Nera

The weeping grimace of Richa Nera

Inside the cave of Philoktetes - left side with entrance

Right side of the cave of Philoktetes with its seaside opening

Athos - the Holy Montain, at sunset from the castle of Myrina on Lemnos

Lion-shaped amulet from Poliochni


Excavations in Lemnos resulted in many amazing finds. In Poliochni there has been excavated a town which exceeded all contemporary settlements.
There has been discovered a town which was nearly twice as large as contemporary Troy. The Early Bronze Age town of Poliochni had large roomy houses which were arranged in blocks along a North-South main road. By-roads crossed this main road at right angles, and at the crossings there were little places with wells and drainages.
The town was surrounded by a stone wall which was 5 meters high, and there were slots for archers. This is rather surprising because at this period only at Poliochni there have been found arrow-heads! It is an amazing parallel to the Amazons because the Amazons were considered as outstanding archers. The inhabitants of Poliochni seem to have been rather wealthy, so there has been discovered a valuable treasure in the ruins.
A special feature of Poliochni must be pointed out: The town consisted of uniform large dwelling houses which demonstrate that there existed a society with very little social differences. This kind of social order is a typical sign of matriarchy (female rule).

Remains of the city wall
Remains of the city wall

Our research work in Lemnos

On the trails of the Lemnian Amazons
=> Research campaign 2002
=> New discoveries - research campaign 2003
=> Research campaign 2006 => The Figure Stone of Hephaistia

By the way, there is a remarkable coincidence:
The name of the capital of Lemnos is Myrina. According to the ancient mythical tradition the first outstanding Amazon queen was named Myrina!

Geheimnisvolles Lemnos. Die von Frauen beherrschte Insel

Mysterious Lemnos. Island dominated by women
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The Lost History of the Amazons

Recent research findings on the legendary women nation

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